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Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer

Working condition and technical data
Maximum inlet air temperature:45℃
Pressure range:0.5-1.0Mpa
Pressure dew point:-20℃ ~ -40℃
Inlet oil content:≤0.1PPm
Regeneration gas consumption:≤14%
Control mode: microcomputer automatic control / PLC control
Power Supply:AC 220V/50HZ
Design condition: inlet temperature: 38 ℃
Ambient temperature: 38 ℃
Working pressure: 0.7MPa
Pressure loss: ≤ 3% of design pressure
Note: other special requirements are welcome to customize.

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There are two types of air dryers: desiccant air dryer and refrigerated air dryer. The desiccant air dryer uses the principle of pressure swing adsorption. When the wet air passes through the adsorbent, the moisture is adsorbed to obtain dry air; The water is separated from the air by condensation to obtain dry air.


• 10 minutes cycle in the desiccant dryers.

• The pressure dew point of the desiccant dryers can reach - 20 ℃ to - 40 ℃;

• Regeneration gas consumption ≤ 14%;

• High-quality switching valve in the stable and reliable, can ensure the integrity of the working process, prolong the working life of components;

• The activated alumina with high hygroscopicity is selected in the Heatless Desiccant Air Dryer, with uniform shape and size, high strength, high dew point, less dust,
  and long service life;

• The amount of regeneration gas can be adjusted according to the operation load demand of the equipment to achieve energy-saving effect;

• Special airflow diffusion device and automatic regeneration in the desiccant dryers, ensure the service life of desiccant;

• Programmable microcomputer controller, adsorption, regeneration working time can be adjusted to achieve your satisfactory dew point value.

Product specifications

model air capacity
Weight of desiccant
Air nozzle diameter Net weight of equipment
SLAD-1WXF 1.2 24 G1" 165 732 500 1417
SLAD-2WXF 2.5 40 G1" 235 732 500 2017
SLAD-3WXF 3.6 60 G1" 355 962 530 1711
SLAD-4.5WXF 5.0 85 G1-1/2" 385 842 550 2225
SLAD-6WXF 6.8 120 G1-1/2" 480 950 550 2105
SLAD-8WXF 8.5 158 G2" 600 1288 600 2231
SLAD-10WXF 10.9 190 G2" 755 1288 600 2331
SLAD-12WXF 12.8 190 G2" 755 1288 600 2331
SLAD-15WXF 16 310 DN65 755 1310 771 2329
SLAD-20WXF 22 492 DN65 1030 1410 766 2390
SLAD-25WXF 26.8 578 DN80 1200 1510 838 2774
SLAD-30WXF 32 600 DN80 1220 1565 835 2501
SLAD-40WXF 43.5 856 DN100 1640 1954 963 2687
SLAD-50WXF 53 1002 DN100 1650 11900 978 2707
SLAD-60WXF 67 1334 DN125 2390 2166 1099 2869
SLAD-80WXF 90 1608 DN125 2900 2864 1050 2857
SLAD-100WXF 110 2000 DN150 3800 3460 1230 3048
SLAD-120WXF 130 2435 DN150 4330 3560 1307 3094
SLAD-150WXF 160 2926 DN200 5270 3960 1450 3322
SLAD-200WXF 210 4070 DN200 6920 4360 1600 3373
SLAD-250WXF 260 4710 DN250 Detailed parameters and consultation with manufacturers
SLAD-300WXF 310 6160 DN250 Detailed parameters and consultation with manufacturers

Optional Accessories

  • Pneumatic butterfly valve
  • Dew point display
  • Dew point energy saving control
  • - 70 ℃ dew point
  • Adsorbent
  • Not limited to this

1、It has been 24 years since Shanli was founded in 1997. It has obtained the certification of "national high tech enterprise", "Zhejiang made product certification", CE certification, ISO9001 quality system certification, etc., and 31 products have passed the national patent certification.

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Company Information



Shanli customers:Kobelco air dryer,Mitsui Seiki air dryer,Mikuni air dryer,Untuk Air Dryer air dryer, CKD air dryer,ORION air dryer,OMI air dryer,Ceccato air dryer,Mikropor air dryer

Package and Shipment

● Packing details: Wooden crate pallet plus foam board and bubble film, Full closed wooden case. 1pcs/each package(for stationary desiccant air dryer)

● Transportations: sea transport, rail transport, air transport, road transport, LCL/ FCL container transport or as requested

● Trade terms: FOB, CFR, CIF and EXW, DDP, etc.

● Delivery time: in 20 days after receiving deposit (customized machines not included)

Where to find us?

Every year, we will participate in various exhibitions abroad

Q:Is Shanli a top-ten supplier in air dryer industry?

A:Shanli is the biggest air dryer manufacture in China:

>Established in 1997

>New workshop covers 30, 000 M2

>Over 300 professional staff

>CE and ISO 9001:2008 certification

>The most 26 patents among the industry

>Annual output of 12,000 sets of equipment

>Export to 100 different countries

>Sales voume in 2016 with 30 million USD

>OEM service for Boge and supporting supplier for Atlas,Compair,Ingersoll Rand

Q:What about the delivery?

A:The delivery is 25 days after receiving the payment.

Q:What about the payment?

A:100% T/T before shipment or 30% T/T in advance and balanced before shipment.

Q:Quality Assurance

A:100% inspection before shipment,18 months warranty.

Q:What about your after-sale service?

A:Shanli can appoint engineer for overseas service.