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Company Culture

Development goals

Our goal is: to provide customers with high-quality compressed air solutions, respect nature, protect blue water and blue sky.

Enterprise spirit:

Shanli takes "sincere dedication, pursuit of excellence" as the enterprise spirit, adheres to customer demand, strives to grasp the development direction of the industry, is committed to scientific and technological innovation, constantly carries out technical upgrading of products, strictly controls product quality and adheres to excellence. To provide customers with excellent product design, comprehensive quality assurance, fast network services.

Brand concept:

Shanli has been making unremitting efforts for the brand image, to be a century old enterprise and build a century old brand.

Business philosophy:

Advanced product design, comprehensive quality assurance, fast pre-sale and after-sale service network.

Innovative ideas

During the product research and development, Shanli emphasizes "technological innovation, never-ending". Innovation is the driving force of all work. Therefore, Shanli makes full use of talents, technology, information and other industrial resources, attaches great importance to product technology research and development, and takes the road of technological innovation.

Service concept:

Shanli has a perfect customer service management system. When customers purchase, they are responsible for providing customers with equipment selection information and optimizing equipment configuration scheme. Professional technical team can also provide customized product design according to customers' requirements, so as to ensure customers get high-quality products. In addition, Shanli provides customers with high-quality after-sales service. The professional after-sales service team can timely reply to customers' technical consultation and answer customers' questions at any time, so as to ensure that customers understand the excellent quality of Shanli products.

our team

“Crossing a life with boundless learning” is sincerely of Hangzhou Shanli purify equipment Co., Ltd. The company attaches great importance to the role of talents in technological innovation, strengthens human resource management from four aspects of personnel selection, education, employment and treatment, and optimizes the talent selection system. At the same time, Shanli strives to create a learning and innovative organizational atmosphere, constantly improve the employee innovation incentive mechanism, stimulate the wisdom and innovative ideas of employees, and expand the strength of the whole team. Shanli has more than 310 employees, including more than 30 technicians. It is a team with strong technical strength, rich practical experience and common belief.