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Water-cooled type compressed air pre-cooler

Working condition and technical index
Compressed air pre-cooler is a kind of equipment which uses refrigeration principle to reduce air temperature. It is a special product developed to meet the requirements of air oxygen production, nitrogen production, cooling of processing parts and other industries. The air dew point is low and the gas outlet temperature is about 5-8 ℃.
Working pressure:0.8-1.0MPa
Inlet pressure of cooling water:0.2-0.4MPa
Air inlet temperature:≤40-45℃
Inlet temperature of cooling water:≤32℃
Air outlet temperature:5-8℃
Power Supply:380V/3/50HZ(220V/1/50HZ)

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Characteristics of compressed air pre-cooler

  • The refrigeration component compressor adopts the high-temperature refrigeration compressor produced by GuLun, Danfoss, bezel, Hanzhong, Fusheng and other first-line brand companies, which has the advantages of small operation sound, power saving and long service life.
  • The refrigeration control components are products produced by Danfoss of Denmark and skopol of America.
  • Electrical parts are used by the product of Schneider or Siemens
  • Under load automatic thermal compensation and temperature unloading function.
  • Electronic drainer and anti blocking device are used to make the drainage column complete and not blocked.
  • The instrument shows temperature, dynamic, intuitive and accurate.
  • The equipment has compact structure, high degree of automation, convenient operation, beautiful appearance and no need for basic installation.