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What is the weather?

Weather refers to the specific state of the atmosphere near the surface in a short time. The weather phenomenon refers to various natural phenomena occurring in the atmosphere, that is, the comprehensive expression of the spatial distribution of various meteorological elements (such as temperature, air pressure, humidity, wind, cloud, fog, rain, flash, snow, frost, thunder, hail, haze, etc.) in an instant.

Serious cooling is coming
Are you ready?

Two days later, the temperature is coming
The weekend will enter the rhythm of rain and rain

These days, the weather in Hangzhou is particularly sunny, and the temperature is also very suitable

The next few days will be followed by the lowest temperature drop from Friday to 14 ℃

To all staff
Warm reminder of Hangzhou Shanli cooling
Pay attention to add clothes to keep warm, prevent cold and antifreeze, drink plenty of boiled water to prevent cold.

Strengthen physical exercise, enhance physical fitness and the ability to resist disease.

Employees who drive should drive carefully, keep the distance between cars and step on the brake in time.

Please pay attention to the cold, add clothes to keep warm when you go out, and take rain gear to prevent cold.

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