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To the "special" you Xing Ruiyun

Thank you for 23 years,we word together.
Twenty years have changed from spring and autumn to spring and autumn,
We are in the prime of our life
After 20 years of hard work, we have made great achievements
Twenty years of passion, we go through together
Twenty years of entrepreneurial poetry, we write together
We share the joys and sorrows of the past 20 years
Twenty years of continuous surpassing, we create brilliance together
We work happily, we live a wonderful life
We do not forget the original intention, we remember the mission
Ruiyun Xing

Sales director of Beijing customer service center

She joined the Shanli family in 1997. She has been in the same boat for 23 years and has been making concerted efforts in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Her persistence and efforts have witnessed the vigorous development of the company. Responsibility is the benchmark of her work, conscientiousness is her work style, and pragmatism is her work attitude. Rooted in the soil of "sales", sign a contract with no regrets.

Shanli is a big family, once you grew up in this family, there are laughter, tears, success, frustration, along with Shanli has gone through a period of unforgettable years. When you decide to leave, we all have an indescribable feeling in our hearts - it's a pity! It's a pity! It's a blessing! But there is no feast that will never end. We sincerely wish you good health and family happiness. At the same time, you are welcome to come home often!

If employees are a drop of water, then the enterprise is rivers and lakes; if employees are a seed, then the enterprise is fertile land. A drop of clear water into rivers, lakes and seas will converge into a bold, heroic and magnificent sea; a seed buried in fertile soil will be vigorous and vigorous... They are interdependent relations.
The relationship between enterprises and individuals is just like the relationship between rivers, oceans and water droplets: for individuals, enterprises are the stage to display their talents and realize their personal values. The broader the stage is, the more relaxed the environment is, the more fully personal value will be embodied. If this stage is lost, the realization of self value will become empty talk. For an enterprise, the development of an enterprise originates from the labor and creation of each employee. The process of employees realizing their self-worth is the process of vigorous development of the enterprise. The two complement each other, promote each other, and develop together. Just as "the big river rises, the small river is full" and "no river can be formed without accumulating streams", they are two aspects of the same problem.
Shanli has been adhering to the "employee oriented" concept. In the management process, Shanli takes employees as the center and starting point, and works around stimulating and mobilizing the initiative, enthusiasm and creativity of employees to realize the common development of employees and enterprises.

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