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The company organizes employees to watch patriotic education film "eight hundred"

In order to further stimulate the patriotic enthusiasm of employees, carry forward the patriotic spirit, enhance the cohesion of employees, enrich their spare time cultural life, and promote the harmonious development of the company's culture, Shanli company organized employees to watch the patriotic education film "eight hundred".

The film "eight hundred" is adapted from the story of "800 heroes" fighting Japanese Army during the song Hu war in 1937. The film tells the story of 524 regiment of the 88th division of the National Revolutionary Army staying in the four line warehouse between Shanghai and the concession, fighting alone for four days and nights. The soldiers stationed in the four line warehouse totaled more than 400, but in order to strengthen their voice, they declared 800 people to the outside world. One pass ten, ten pass 100, then become "800 Zhuang". They were killed for four days and four nights, annihilating more than 200 enemies. For the sake of the country and the nation, they held the four line warehouse to block the attack of the Japanese army with flesh and blood. With their wisdom and their lives, they wrote magnificent songs after song, which awakened the patriotic hearts of a group of timid and fearless people, and the sense of justice of the international people, and showed the will of Chinese soldiers to see death as if they were dead and fight hard.

Nearly two and a half hours of film, let us understand the hardships of the motherland along the way, realize that the peaceful era of happy life and stability is not easy. Whenever there is a crisis, there are always a group of people going against the wind to wipe away people's tears with their own beliefs; With your own back,   He shouldered the responsibility he shouldered. This film viewing activity has inspired the company's employees to love the party and the country, enterprises and families. Everyone said that in the future, we will be based on our own position, think hard, work hard, dare to take responsibility, be realistic and pragmatic, and continue to make new contributions to the development of the company.

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