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Happy Mid Autumn Festival and reunioniod of time, Industrial Base was

The word "Mid Autumn Festival" was first seen in "Zhou Li", and "book of rites · Yueling" said: "the Mid Autumn Moon nourishes senility, and the line is mid autumn festival porridge diet." About the origin of the Mid Autumn Festival, there are roughly two kinds: the first, originated in ancient people's worship of the moon.

Celebrate National Day and celebrate birthday
National Day is a national holiday established by a country to commemorate the country itself. They are usually the national independence, the signing of the constitution, the birth of the head of state or other significant anniversaries; some are saint's day, the patron saint of the country.
Since ancient times, the bright moon in the sky, covered with a mysterious veil, has been recited by poets and worshipped and danced by people. People have always been full of awe and fantasy about the moon, which is regarded as a symbol of reunion.

The whole family gather in the Mid Autumn Festival in the bright moon, and the whispers are happy under the moon. The Mid Autumn Festival is the time to eat moon cakes. I believe you can't be more familiar with moon cakes. Every Chinese has eaten moon cakes. Every family will buy moon cakes in shops during the Mid Autumn Festival. According to the region, they can be divided into Beijing style, Cantonese style, Soviet style, desktop type, Hong Kong style and so on. Basically, the mooncakes in each region are different. On the day of the Mid Autumn Festival, in the moonlight, the breeze blows, the fragrance of Osmanthus is smelled, a cup of green tea is sipped, and the moon cake is cut into several portions for family members to eat, symbolizing the family's reunion and harmony

This year, the Mid Autumn Festival appears on October 1, which coincides with the national day. Celebrate the double festival together and spend the holiday together. I wish you all have joy and worry free, happy all the time, always lively and cheerful, day by day, everything goes well on the moon, every year good luck!

Hangzhou Shanli holiday notice

As the national day of the Mid Autumn Festival is approaching, according to the relevant national regulations, the National Day holiday in 2020 is hereby notified as follows:

From October 1 to 7, there are 7 days off. Work on September 27 (Sunday) and October 10 (Saturday).

During the holidays, all departments are requested to make work arrangements, and at the same time do a good job in security and health work.

At the time of the coming of the Mid Autumn Festival, according to the relevant provisions of the state, we will inform you of the National Day holiday of the Mid Autumn Festival in 2020.

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